After working in the cell phone industry for quite some time now, I have come up with the top 4 myths about repairing your smartphone. All information written is completely opinion based with some logical reasoning.

Myth #1
Once you fix your phone it will never be the same

False: Most, if not all people think that once you fix your phone it will never be the same. This is only true if you take your phone to the wrong place. Get a good technician with high quality parts and you will not have a problem. Highly creditable local repair shops to be exact. In most cases you will find to be happy with the repair and it will be cost effective.

Myth #2
All replaced parts are fake

False: Straight from Samsung or Apple? Maybe not, but most US parts suppliers provide a refurbished but original LCD. This does not diminish the fact that your phone will not work properly or that the screen should be cheaper. In most cases it works the same and you will not notice any difference with your phone. But there is a reason why some repair shops are cheaper than others.

Myth #3
Insurance claim is much better anyway

False: Tip #1 I would save my insurance claim money for lost or stolen devices. Tip #2 most if not all insurance phones are refurbished which is probably in the same category as fixing your phone. Usually it is cheaper to fix your phone, it is a quicker process and there is no need to save information to transfer to a new device.

Myth #4
I will lose all my information

False: Fixing your phone does not mean you will lose the information on your current phone. In fact, simple hardware issues such as screen replacements has nothing to do with the software of your device.

At Talk N’ Fix Wireless we provide:
• Warranty on all repairs for at least 1 month
• Guaranteed high quality screens
• Hassle free cellphone repairs
• In most cases, same day repair
• No information lost

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